Hold-On Handles

Double Handle SetAt the mall or around town, you can count on your children wanting to get out of the stroller. And when they do, few things can make you look and feel less in control than them roaming too far behind or ahead of you.

Finally, a simple way to keep your children within arm’s reach without restraining them with embarrassing leashes or harnesses. Hold-On Handles are designed to be versatile enough to attach to a stroller or to use solo as a walking rope. Children LOVE to hold on to the whimsical handles—and their new found independence.

A Must-Have Stroller Accessory When Mom Is “Out-Handed”

When children want to get out of the stroller and walk at inopportune times, Hold-On Handles gives you the extra set of hands you need to keep your child safely near you, allowing you to push the stroller, carry bags and gear—and maintain your composure.

A Reinvented Walking Rope Designed With Mom In Mind

Worn comfortably on an adult’s wrist, belt loop or bag, Hold-On Handles are the ideal accessory to use while running errands or visiting an amusement park, zoo, or other special event, eliminating the need to always drag out the stroller.

Single Handle Set Product Details

  • The first stroller accessory and walking rope to help keep 1-3 children within arm’s reach.
  • Snaps onto strollers or can be worn comfortably on mom’s wrist. Children can be safely active.
  • Children LOVE to grasp the whimsical handles—and their independence.
  • Sold in sets for single or multiple children (18+ months) in three stylized themes.
  • Unlike embarrassing harnesses, Hold-On Handles help teach children to stay close while making everyone look and feel great.
  • Spare handles (sold separately) can be used for replacement and personalization.

Product Features

  • Carabiner snaps easily onto strollers
  • Comfortable parent wrist strap
  • Adjustable straps
  • Quick release buckle for added safety
  • Tested by the leading international safety testing company
  • Lead-free paint and non-toxic materials



Double Handle Set
Single Handle
Plush Set

Product Portfolio:

You can purchase Hold-On Handles as a Double Handle Set or a Single Handle Set, and then customize them for up to 3 children by adding Spare Handles. Click here to browse our full line of products.

Double Handle Sets include:

  • 2 handles for 2 children
  • A third handle can be added, sold separately
  • Carabiner
  • Wrist Strap
  • Available in Bizzy Bugs and Ocean Odyssey Collections only

Single Handle Sets include:

  • 1 handle for 1 child
  • 1-2 additional handles can be added, sold separately
  • Carabiner
  • Wrist Straps
  • Available in all Collections

Spare Handles include:

  • 1 handle for 1 child (carabiner and parent strap sold separately)
  • To be added an your existing Hold-On Handles set for a second or third child
  • Available in Bizzy Bugs and Ocean Odyssey Collections only